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"red eye" on saturday. we have dana p re o and walter, curran, a man who read "up in the air." and just because tomorrow night is a repeat, it is still a great repeat. you should watch it anyway. tv's andy levey, post game. >> why are you yelling at me? >> i am angry. >> ambassador, given his recent comments, do you think vice president biden knows how to aim a shotgun? >> i don't think he has a clue. but i think he admired dick cheney so much he will try to
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emulate him one more time. >> that could be ugly. jedediah, back on fox later this morning? >> america's newsroom in the 9:00 a.m. hour to talk about something good. >> sounds fascinating. gavin, how is the restaurant do ?g. >> come down. a special from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., burger, pulled pork sandwich and a beer $12. 234 east fourth street, best southern food in all of new york city. 234, that's how i remember. >> i have something to plug. >> go ahead. >> i will be on huckabee on saturday talking about some things. actually they won't let me in the studio, but i will be in isn't that mark twain's buddy? >> yes. >> thank you to jedediah. thank you, andy. bill schulz, gavin mcguinness. i'm greg gut eld if. see you next time. remember, caution, bill o'reilly is coming up next.
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needs that can't be filled again. >> the blade run are accused of killing his south african model girlfriend may beat the rap. at least megyn kelly thinks so. shiell be here to explain. >> december crim nateed against african americans, hispanics, native americans and other groups. >> bill: more embarrassing video from a man being paid but you and me the taxpayers slamming america to federal employees. >> the united states expanded and took over what used to be mexico. >> how could this be happening? we will continue our investigation. >> he works at the liquor store up the street. >> i'm with fox news channel. >> and jesse waters meets up with president obama's uncle who has been in the united states for 50 years despite being an illegal alien. >> do you think you deserve citizenship? >> bill: caution you are about to enter the no spin zone.
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the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. more unbelievable propaganda from the federal government paid for but you and me. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we reported last thursday, the u.s. department of agriculture has hired a man named samuel to conduct "cultural sensitivity training" for usda employees. he has used his paid position to demean the united states and to in doctrineate his audience. >> i want you to say if we work for a federal agency we have discriminated in the past. mexicans came to this country last night illegally.
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never mind that the united states expanded and took over what used to be mexico. if the truth be known in a lot of these circumstance is if you tell some of these montreal expos cans go back to where you came from they go to texas, california, arizona. >> bill: the watch dog group judicial watch obtained that video and many others showing rants by him to the act. documents show that sensitivity seminars were held at least 16 times costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. my question is why is this happening? it is a total waste of taxpayer money and insulting to the country. talking points believes the reason stuff like this goes on is the culture of liberalism that has now gripped, washington, with a liberal president and senate the message has gone out progressive thought is in. you know what? that is fine if it is is simply expression. but once the taxpayer gets charged for the propaganda, that is malfeasance. that is a misappropriation of
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taxpayer toll larentas. the direct villain here is the usda secretary tom vilsack. committed to imposing liberal thought on the people who work for him. note the word imposing. contents put out there isn't cal lengthed. the big picture is that the obama administration is not only escaped is spousing liberal policy it is now demanding that federal employees tow the line. that is not what the federal government is in business to do. it is supposed to represent all of the people. not just the far left. i mean this guy is off the chart. mexicans have a right to violate immigration law because of the mexican american war in the mid 19th century? is that what the guy is saying? yeah, that is what he is saying. and we are paying for are it. just another add on to the $17 trillion national debt.
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i now pronounce the federal government officially out of control. that is the memo. now, the top story tonight, reaction joining us from washington, tom fitten, president of the aforementioned group judicial watch and here in new york city alexis, the executive director of the american values institute. why should my tax money be going to this guy to say those things? why? >> i think it is very forward looking for the u.s. government to be doing this and i think we are quite behind where corporations have been doing for many years in terms of promoting cultural awareness and diversity training in the name of changing demographics in the country belle you think it as good thing. give me one concrete reason why telling a crew to repeat after me the federal agencies have december crim nateed and mexicans have a right to sneak in the country because we took it over in the mexican american war and pilgrims were illegal aliens and on and on and on. why is that worthy? >> okay, the guy is a little hokey in his training i'm not
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going to argue that. he is a little hokey. >> bill: a little hokey. you are giving me that. he has an aagain da, would you say? what he has is -- >> bill: an aden da. >> what he has is a mandate to help employees of the federal government understand. >> bill: he may have a mandate but what he is doing what you are seeing with your own eyes alexis is a mandate, a political point of view or am i wrong? >> it is not a politteual point of view. >> bill: it is not a political point of view? >> understanding that most americans hold biases and acknowledging the fact that the federal government has played a role in some of these biases, things like restrictive cold covenants and -- >> bill: that is not what he is doing. >> he is putting in in context. he is absolutely putting it in context. >> bill: he said this in the first tape as tom will point out in a moment. he said basically that the
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united states is not a worthy nation, all right. it is not. and that we in the department of agriculture have to somehow overcome that. that is a political point of view. you may believe that but i don't want to pay for it. >> it is not a political point of view you. >> bill: of course, it is. >> the fact that the united states, first of all, the workships were optional. no one was mandated to go to them. the second thing is that the workshops were really about trying to encourage a federal employees to under-- >> bill: to do what? >> understand that the nation's demographics are changing. >> bill: i think they can read the paper and find that out. >> they are talking about an actcy where -- >> bill: tom has seen all of the tapes. tom. so alexis says benign. no problem. he may be a little clownish in the presentation but this isn't really anything to get worried about. how do you respond to that? >> i think is abuse of the
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government employees. forcing them to say these kind of things. >> bill: isn't it an option? >> our documents show that some of the folks there had to be there. one guy was thrown out for reading a book according to e-mail we have. he said i can read a book during this mandatory training. the idea that it is optional is not accurate. he is being paid so much money to do this. you say he is kind of hokey. taxpayers are are in debt as a result of hokey programs like this. $200,000 at the department of agriculture. go on the usa website he made over $2.8 million from the defense department for programs like this and this is just going back five years. >> bill: the same presentation with the defense department as with the usda. same type of propaganda. >> diversity type of preparations, yes, he. >> bill: we don't know if it is the same kind of stuff. >> they have plenty of tapes at the agriculture department they
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haven't given us yet that they are sitting on. >> bill: it would be surprising to me if the defense department would allow that kind of stuff to happen. vilsack is -- >> that's true and we have got since this video first aired last week we were getting e-mails from all over the government about programs like this in other agencies. this is par are for the course and we have uncovered quite the scandal here. these programs are not only system wide within the agriculture department but in these other agencies and don't think the military doesn't force its employee hes to go through this type of training. all indications are it is. >> bill: have you filed freedom of information act on other tapes and other agencies? have you filed? >> that's right. he says in the tape the state department has sent him down to venezuela to tell them about what it is like to be an american. >> bill: that is good. he is a great american. do you understand, alexis my point here that i don't want to pay for this because i don't believe this is a fair
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presentation. i don't believe it is constructive. it doesn't do anything for the federal government. do you understand? now, you may disagree and i respect your disagreement but i don't want to pay for that, all right. do you understand that? >> i don't want to pay for the federal bailouts but i ended up paying for those. lots of things that we as americans -- >> bill: thbailout is optional, too. >> we have to respect the leadership to look at where they the nation is going and like i said we are far behind what corporations have been doing for numbers of years because -- >> bill: corporations are private enterprises and they can do what they want. not my money. >> the military is one of the most diverse institutions we should be proud of. of course, we should be doing presentations like this. >> bill: i want betances to come in here and say what you are saying. i will shred him verbally on the information he is putting
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forth job and when they do i want vilsack to pay me, what is it, tom, $2.3 million? >> ile do it for $2 million and they can keep the change. >> we have to live our values. >> bill: he will never come in here because he can't stand up facts. i will shred him and tom can hire me and i will do the diversity because i'm a diversity kind of guy. >> i see that. i see that. >> bill: you are in the wrong business, thank you. next on the rundown, laura ingle responds to the madness coming out of washington. a single mom with two kids in pennsylvania might be able to get more than 830,00 80,000 bun welfare. we'll prove, it up ahead.
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>> bill: continuing now with the lead story. left wing in docktry nation
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from the federal government paid forpy the taxpayers. laura ingram. lawyer are >> who needs a paper shredder. i'm thinking of the diversity training and you together billy. >> bill: i want him to come in here and tell me all about american history and all about his diversity awareness. >> the injustices. one of the things that i remember back in the day in the mid to late '80s in college was that the diversity training became all the rage back then and that is pretty much when obama the president and michelle first lady were in college at the same time. and it became really vogue for corporations to take on this diversity training business because it protected them in lawsuits in discrimination lawsuits. they could point to we don't have any systemic discrimination in fact, we have cultural sensitivity and diversity training. fast forward to 2007, bill and
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time magazine did a piece titled why diversity training doesn't work and talked about how this in fact gets people more recentful because the implication is, of course, the people training or doing the training attending the training are somehow biased or racist or don't like women in the workplace and when they are just trying to make a living. so it actually examined and said this doesn't even work. that is one point. number two, you raise the right point. the fact that the taxpayers have to subsidize any of this malarky is ridiculous. we are not college students being forced to sit into some women's study or native american studies seminar. we have a professor belly aching about past grievances. these are federal employees whose salaries we pay and presumably we are paying them whether they are voluntarily going or not to sit in the training sessions and. >> bill: sure, they are getting paid and betances is getting
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paid. when you you talk about cultural sensitivity there isn't any one more sensitive than myself. >> you are sensitive. >> bill: i can't pick up on what sensitivity is being taught here by this guy ranting and raving about how bad the usa is and then cashing his check from the usa, ladies and gentlemen. not from mexico, he is is cashing that check from the usa. >> the most intolerant people out there are usually the people teaching the studies classes on college campuses and the people doing the diversity training because they believe kind of instinctively that most people from the south who happen to be white are racist. that corporate america is rigged against minorities. and that women aren't getting a fair shake. that is kind of where they come at things. so the idea they are going to impugn this great sense of understanding and compassion.
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>> bill: a waste of time and money. with a $17 trillion debt it really is. >> we have eric holder lecturing the justice department about how we were a nation of cowards on issues like race. this tone is set from the top. >> bill: it is all over the place no doubt about it and we the people reehe electricked it. there you go. laura has a national radio program and people call up and kind of vent. not an obama friendly program. >> come on. we invited him on many times. >> bill: does not approve of the president. i think that is accurate. >> that is very accurate. >> bill: when they call up about tiger woods and mr. obama playing golf, what is the central theme? >> people i don't think people are surprised that the president is playing golf with tiger woods. why would they be surprised? the president plays a lot of golf and enjoys playing golf and f par for the course to use a really bad metaphor. what i think was interesting and what people seemed to be a little bit upset about is the fact that we have now members
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of the press finally waking up to the idea that they might be used by the obamas to push whatever little agenda they have whether it is the let's move deal that michelle is celebrating on friday -- tomorrow with jimmy kimmel or whether it is the president pushing his move on the sequester with the wall paper of first responders behind him. the president picks and chooses the setting. >> bill: all administrations do that. >> they are masterful at it. nobody has touched the obamas at how good they are at doing that. >> bill: he is masterful and ful in the wayr physical ifulfn they shield him. >> why suddenly can't we see the president. i guess they had a tweeter from golf digest. why can't one pool reporter be
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there to take video and camera shots? >> bill: does it really matter, though? >> they are mad why does it take tiger woods in the celebrity culture to get the media to wake up when they have been hiding the ball on benghazi and all of the other issues. >> bill: i think the american public should be mad at the media. you are not getting the truth except from ms. laura and myself. a few words. >> i want that is shredding to happen, though, bill. come on. >> bill: i will make it happen. we are asking you to vote in the bill o'reilly .com poll. does it matter that president obama played golf with tiger woods. we will give you the results on monday. a single mom with two kids in pennsylvania, listen up. you you could get more than $80,000 free. later. again and again female teachers being arrested for having sex with students. what the deuce is going on? try to get to the bottom of it. moments away.
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>> bill: impact seth. an investigative report by the cbs station in harrisburg, pennsylvania, compiled all of the means tested entitlements available to a single mother with two children who makes $19,000 a year in the commonwealth. all tolled that single mom could be close to $82,000 in free government assistance from the feds and the state. joining us from harrisburg, reporter chris papps who put together the story. start with the $15,000 in free daycare. who pays for that? >> well, that particular program, bill, that comes from the federal government. they send the money to the states and then here in pennsylvania the state matches about 100% of that. so that $15,000 the single
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mother of two making 19 is entitled to, that comes from 50% federal and 50% state moneys. >> bill: and then if the mom chooses to put her tykes into the head start program another $13,400. if she has one tyke in head start and one in daycare the total is $18,000, correct? >> it is a massive amount of money. if you talk to the people that are administering the programs and you talk to the politicians that set the programs up and advocate for them they have good reasons for are why the programs should exist and why people need them. the child care for example. the argument is if a mother cannot afford child care this of she can't work. in the taxpayer subsidizes the child care the mother can get a job and eventually make enough money to no longer have to have the child care. >> bill: none of this theory is bad. just a matter of bankrupting
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the nation. $6,500 for weatherization projects. what is that? >> they can apply to the state to have the state come in and make the home more efficient for energy. get insulation and new roof and things of that nature up to $6,500. >> bill: free. >> absolutely free. a grant. >> bill: the roof doesn't work well or windows need to be caulked the state will come in and do it to the tune of $6,500. they will also pay for the phones. cell phone up to $480 a year. $230 for a land line. so if you are under a certain income in the commonwealth. >> and those programs are. >> who pays for that, state or feds? >> i'm sorry. which one? >> state tore feds. phones. >> the phone one i believe that comes from the pennsylvania utility commission. that i believe starts in the federal government again comes down to the state government and then they disburse it to the people who need it most.
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>> bill: you met up with a woman chris tee cogan who fits the profile all right. and here is some tape on her. go. >> if you you are going to get something for free or going to work for it and it kind of like sucks you in. i feel like they are hopeless and they have no alternative. >> the welfare system is sucks you in. >> yes. >> and it is hard to get out of it. >> yes. >> even though she is take money she knows in the motivation to go up with 80,000 staring you in the face isn't that much. right? >> she was a very enlightening person to talk to. took us a long time to find her. we found her in a church. we couldn't get anybody from the state or county system to talk to us. we found her, she has been collecting for five years. she was a mother. sheet was married and while she was married she had never worked so when she got divorced she got custody of the two children and had no work experience and couldn't get a job. nothing she could do to make
1:29 am
money. she went to the welfare system. she does hope to be off some day and she is in nursing school. she says if you are getting the programs it is difficult to encourage yourself to work and deal with traffic and be away from your family and deal with a boss. >> and we would point out that the nursing school is paid for by the taxpayers as well. >> the commonwealth of pennsylvania the second highest welfare payments in the country behind, rhode island. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. new jersey teacher of the year admits she had sex with a 15-year-old student. we will talk about whether this is an epidemic in american schools. megyn kelly on the shocking murder case in south africa. are the police botching it already? we hope you stay tuned for those r
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[ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ]
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♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on tnkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪ >> bill: in the our we crazy seth tonight, fee nai female ts having sex with students. a teacher at west orange high school in new jersey and recipient of the teacher of the year award in that state in 2011 has pleaded guilty to having sexual relations with a 15-year-old male student. one of the many female teachers who have recently been arrested with those kinds of crimes. the question is what is going on? joining us from los angeles, dr. one did i walch a psychologist and from san diego, dr. barn farce. what is the why behind the story? >> bill, i think this is an epidemic and sadly i don't
1:34 am
think it is on the rise and i don't think females committing this sort of abuse is on the rides. rise. i think we are justling talk about it more. i do, however, think that the internet has a role to play in this biosocial media blurs the boundaries a little bit and allows teachers and students to connect in inappropriate ways more easily. >> bill: i know a lot of teachers and clar clerics who l students and parishonners or whatever and then when you get into the casual setting dr. walch, you don't have the formal relationship of authority and student. it breaks down, correct? >> well, it does a little bit and that is one factor. many, many factors of where we have boundary violations. i disawith dr. bonnie here. i think female predator on the rise. women adopted a male model of amping and in terms of sexuality adopted this stereo type of the die gressive male.
1:35 am
as i sauce say to women if you are going to be a guy at least be a gentleman and learn to keep it in your pants. so many women are thinking it is not going to hurt boys and it is okay and now we are seeing that child victims -- >> bill: let me disagree with you and be a dissenter. i don't think it has to do with sex per se. i think it has to do with power. >> yes. >> bill: these women who are doing this they could get dates. they could have appropriate physical relationships with men their own age or older. they can do that. but they choose not to. they choose to pick on powerless people defenseless people and that is a psychological disorder. or am i wrong? >> you are absolutely right. bill. i think this is all about power. this is about abuse of a relationship of trust and i think what you are seeing here
1:36 am
is we are talking about it more because quite frankly you are willing to come on and talk about it and start a national discussion. >> bill: i disagree with you in a sense i don't think 50 years ago in this country that female teachers were thog kind of stuff to the extent they are how to. i could be wrong. i don't have any data. >> i disagree. >> bill: we don't have data to base that on. >> we have date it from the '40s. >> nobody talked about this in the '40s. we don't have good date da. >> we have data from the 40s and the 60s and the 90s. the last study was in 2005 that said that this was as high as 25% of kids have been abused. now, breaking that down females. >> bill: it was a 25% threshold in the 40s. i find that impossible to believe? >> when i did research specifically on the topic with people researching the issue, bill, what they said to me is bonnie, we don't think it is increasing. we think that in the '40s it
1:37 am
was much more common for a male to mary a 14-year-old. >> i'm not buying that. >> i think it is definitely on the rise. >> bill: we are living in a permissive age and narcissistic age. they believe whatever he or she does is all right. the teacher is a narcissist and boom i'm going to do it because hey it's me and i'm going to do what i want to o do. dr.ual much. >> it is partly about power but always because the young teachers because the boundaries are blurred they forget they are adults in the situation. >> bill: they forget they are adults? >> they are in a highly chargedder who moanal situation with teenagers in the classes and literally become almost adolescents themselves. >> i was 22 teaching 18-year-olds in miami and that never happened to me. dr. forest, wrap it up. >> i think bill because we are creating a national dialogue people are willing to talk
1:38 am
about this. i had somebody call me this morning about the issue toforwn abused years ago at the age of 14 by a female teacher. i think it is a national problem and i'm grateful to you for speaking out about it. >> bill: kids should come forth that is for sure. not going to do you guys any good like the guys and all of that, not going to do you any good. when we come back, ms. megyn kelly on whether the blade runner will get away with murder in south africa. and perhaps the most famous illegal alien in the world,
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the o'reilly factor, the number one cable news show for 13 years running. >> bill: as you may know, 26-year-old oscar pistorius handicapped south african olympic runner charged with shooting his model girlfriend to death. but the case may already be badly bungled by the
1:41 am
authorities. megyn kelly. you have been following this closely, right? >> yes. >> bill: and somebody be told meow didn't tell me but somebody else tell meow think this guy might beat the rap. >> i didn't think that 48 hours ago and i do think he might now. i don't think from what i have seen as a lawyer he should. i believe his story is implausible that the woman he was sharing his bed with. he gets up in the middle of the night he is so terrified he claims of intruders that he woke up in the middle of the night and heard a noise in the bathroom and just went in and started screaming and shooting. never notice that his girlfriend wasn't asleep in the bed next to him. never said reeva where are you, i think there is an intruder. is is not plausible to me, okay. i will say that. what is plussible and proveable are two different thing. now, we find out that the lead detective in the case is a hot mess. this guy, let me start with the headline. he was removed from the case today, mr. bota because it
1:42 am
turns out he is facing not one not two but seven charges of attempted murder himself. >> bill: wow. >> stemming back to early february before reeva was even killed. they knew this. >> bill: he is familiar with then the crime. >> who better to investigate it? >> bill: because he knows -- >> a problem for the prosecutor. might be a little empathetic perhaps to the defendant. >> bill: looks to me. correct me if i'm wrong because i don't follow this stuff that closely but you are all over this. in is a chaotic thing. the police are chaotic. the justice system is chaotic. >> yaobangleed some things. >> the lead investigator. >> he didn't protect the crime scene. the defense finds a bullet casing in the toilet that he didn't find. he said there were steroids in the apartment and he came out and said no, that is an herbal thing and said you might be right. i didn't bother testing it. >> bill: i don't know anybody who shoots themselves up with herbs.
1:43 am
>> he testified there was nothing inconsistent with the theoriry is not true. >> bill: they don't know what they are doing. is the system itself the same as here? >> yes, basically, innocent until proven guilty and the right an attorney to represent you. >> bill: and they are going through the bail hearings to let him out. >> that is different than here. what he gets tried on the merits a judge will are try him with perhaps the assistance of another judge or to. not a jury. one judge will make the decision on his fate guilty or not. right now they are arguing over whether he should get jail. >> bill: when will they know? >> we were all saying he will never get bail but the judge today. >> bill: i think he is going to get bail. >> after this mess of the lead investigator i wouldn't be shocked if he did. >> bill: i hope they don't give him his gun back. that would be a mistake. >> let me tell you. he claims he got up in the middle of the night and was so terrified with the burglar that the slept with the sliding glass door open. he heard something and gets up
1:44 am
and according to his own testimony walks right around the bed where reeva would have been sleeping and keeps the gun. this is his diagram. the black dot underneath the pillow on the lower end of the diagram. that is the gun. he claims he was on his stumps, walked around the bed, no reeva but didn't notice. grabbed his gun from her side of the bed and didn't notice she wasn't in there. went into the bathroom and started shooting. >> bill: and weren't they fighting before hand? >> a witness claims she heard fighting but was far away. >> bill: where was she in botswana? >> a thousand to 2,000 feet. >> bill: i have been to south africa. a chaotic place. >> 10% conviction rate. >> he could bell beat it. go to another chaotic place. chicago, illinois. >> i used to live in chicago. five years. >> bill: so there is a kid 15 years old.
1:45 am
jesus castenada. little rowdy. being held on $250,000 bail for armed robby but has 19 other priors, correct. >> a little problem. >> and in chicago when you get charged with aggravated robbery or armed robbery as a 15-year-old you automatically get tried as an adult. >> bill: what happened the other 18 times? yes. >> was younger and the most recent crime was back in august and he was on probation for unauthorized use of a weapons. >> bill: a weapons charge in august but still running around. >> still running around. >> bill: and they wonder why they have the high gun murder rate. >> that is how they knew it was little rowdy. the guy who he robbed knew him. >> bill: he did is and this is the 19th time. >> more than five murders a week. 75% of the murder victims black. 70% of the murder defendants are black.
1:46 am
black-on-black crime for the most part. they are ms. caring each other and no one is doing anything about it. >> bill: little rowdy is hispanic, right? >> a hispanic guy. >> bill: the problem here in chicago is they don't enforce the law. their whole criminal justice system is broken down. >> strictest gun laws in the country. >> bill: they don't enforce them. >> they don't obey them because they know little rowdy can get away with 18 priors. >> to their credit he will be charged and tried as an adult. he will go off to adult court and face the music. >> bill: we'll see. megyn kelly everyone. our pal jesse talks to the most famous illegal alien in the world. president obama's uncle. waters is next.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. watters word. for 43 years onyango obama has been living in the usa illegally. 2011 he was arrested for dui in massachusetts and faced deportation but nothing happened although he does have a deportation hearing set for next december. we don't want to rub anybody. now, mr. obama runs a liquor store in framingham. that is where we sent watters. ♪ >> president obama's uncle in this country illegally was arrested for dui here. >> he is the president. the most powerful man in the world. i think he should be able to work that out. it is his uncle, too. >> you don't think that is
1:51 am
favre retirementism. >> they do it all the time on capitol hill. >> are you always this skeptical about everything? >> what should happen to him? >> deportation what happens to anybody else. >> being a president you would think that he would at least be legal. i think he should be trialed just as anybody else as a citizen. >> what if he is not a citizen. >> then he needs to be deported back to his country. >> is he getting special treatment. he has a driver's license. >> i don't have a driver's license. i got ten days first offense. >> you haven't been drinking right now, have you? >> getting arrested for dui i don't think would get you deport. >> do you think it should? >> no. >> i seen him at the aa meeting. >> you see him at the aa meeting. >> he come there for a certain time and i never see him no more. >> he works at the liquor store up the street. >> mr. obama. >> what is happening? >> i'm with fox news channel and i have a quick question.
1:52 am
i know you have been in this country a long time. do you -- >> i am going to call the cops and they will come in. >> i just have a quick question for you. >> i don't want no questions. >> mr. onshore, that is my only question. do you think you deserve citizenship? i'm not here to bust your chops? >> the ask the cops. they are coming in. >> i don't want to cause a disturbance or anything like that, sir. mr. obama. i'm not here to give you hard time. i just had a quick question. >> i already told you negative. i don't care are whether you come from heaven or hell. >> great talk. >> what do you personally think we should do with the immigration crisis in the country. >> there is shouldn't be favoritism be it many coulds to things like that. >> i would like to see some laws passed to stop this illegal immigration stuff. but when people come here illegally it puts a burden on the economy. >> now, do you ever watch bill
1:53 am
o'reilly on fox news channel? >> i watch it. i don't always agree with him. >> have you heard of bill? >> is he the guy that goes undercover. >> bill: wait, wait, wait. >> anything you want to say to bill while you have you here right now. >> be real. this is the real life and real world, okay. >> bill: now, i asked you to go to the police in framingham and what was their point of view? >> they wouldn't speak to me on camera. >> did they come did obama call them on you? >> i thought he was but they ended up not showing up. so i never had to deal with any cops. >> bill: when you went to talk to the police about him and why he is there everybody knows they wouldn't talk to you? >> they don't want to touch the story with a 10-foot pole. ice had thed was e&s ce had guy but let him out after two weeks. they say is guy that fits obama's uncle's profile with automatically be deported after the gets the dui but he is
1:54 am
getting special treatment. and he was convicted of the dui. >> he plead out. he was convicted and is on probation now. he doesn't get busted and they will wipe his record clean. >> bill: a hearing coming up in september. don't rush it. it has only been 43 years. >> he came here in '63 to study in cambridge. never graduated. >> bill: where was he studying. >> brown and hancock. one of the prep schoolsion something like that, where you would go. >> bill: of course. >> in 1970 ordered deported because his visa expired and he doesn't leave. in '86 comes oh cross and official order deported. doesn't leave. appeals. 92 appeals. deported again. been deported two or three times already. an absconder a high priority deportation case and they are letting him set. >> bill: in a moment, the factor tip of the day. what to do when you get angry.
1:55 am
the tip 60 seconds away. there is no mass produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs - each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599 . and save 50% on our limited edition bed. ends sunday!
1:56 am
>> factor tip of the day in a moment. bill, the secretary straight night great talking points. the country is in decline and we all need to pray for america. and ann marie, oldham england. beckel is right, you're stuck in the 1950's when women were chatle and the men were the masters. wake up and smell the coffee. please, ann marie, my mother wasn't chatle. she was a physical therapist and a loyal american. my senses are fine even if they are common. wayne withholding his last night new jersey, the woman who took cocaine shortly before giving birth is disgusting. she does not care about her baby. abortion solves that problem until she gets pregnant again,
1:57 am
wya by the way. your solution is to dispose of the innocent because the mother is evil. you're preaching to the choir, the cocaine mother and judges that ab solved her don't watch the factor. you're underestimating it every single judge on the new jersey supreme court knows about our analysis. hard to believe that a black man born to a single mother, went on to a harvard education and then becomes president calls the usa unjust. >> an exception to the system. bill, i've read killing lincoln and killing kennedy. anxiously awaiting killing jesus, but do you really believe you can best matthew, mark luke, and john.
1:58 am
hurry up with the new book. >> and working on it. and dugard spent time in your country. and get any one of my books free of charge and there will be a special town hall meeting, regarding my books, that will be shortly, another reason to sign up. marie dixonson. applying to see you on march 1st. all the way to australia and so i'm going to dedicate the show at the nokia march 1st to you. and ron, from pennsylvania. i'm saying the sports illustrated swimsuit he digs may be racist, but i'm going to buy a company so i can be upset. (laughter) >> and the factor tip of the day. this morning i got angry, very angry. i was justified. somebody did a bad thing to me. the worst part, i couldn't right the wrong.
1:59 am
it drives me crazy. and now, the politically correct thing to do is to control the anger and count to ten. it's not what i did. i walked into a room, closed the door, nobody was there and i let loose for about 30 seconds. very loud, very colorful language. you should have been there. dogs began to bark in the neighborhood, but now what? i felt a lot better and i thought a the lot clearer after that. factor tip of the day. that's your anger, be-- vent your anger and be alone when do you it. yes, indeed. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor website which is different from and also we'd like you to spout off from the factor anywhere in the world., name and town if you wish to opine. brand new word of the day, do not b

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